The Mossletter 18

Hi Friends,

It’s a strange time to be alive: I’m incredibly excited about the future (to quote Disney™ — onward!) but I’m also hoping (and praying) that the world will take safety precautions seriously during the holiday season (aka, the “flu” season). I don’t want to get us bogged down in discouraging numbers — but instead, I want to encourage you to celebrate the holidays, however please do it as safely as possible. I know we’re all fatigued by 2020, but we can’t let our guard down now. Let’s take legit precautions as we wade into the holidays (if not for your own health — do it for the health of others).

Happy Thanksgiving to my pals in the U.S. 🦃

PS: After giving it much thought (and also after hearing feedback via the poll below), I’ve decided to make this a “monthly” newsletter instead of every two weeks. TL;DR — I am truly enjoying crafting this newsletter, but I also want to make sure I’m leaving myself enough time for other creative projects, important things like “life”, etc. So, expect this to land in your inbox once a month. See you in December! 📪

🧠 Muse From Around The Way

Love that "Book Fragrance"? Order it from Powell's Bookstore!

Do you love that smell you get when walking around a bookstore? (A smell that may, in fact, someday be extinct?) Have I got the scent for you …

Always Open Self

Maybe the old saying should go “curiosity creates the cat”?

The Surprising Link Between Star Wars' Stormtroopers and Apple's Earbuds

Apple’s sleek white earbuds look suspiciously similar to Star Wars’ stormtrooper uniforms—and it’s not a coincidence.

🎧 On Repeat

‎Some Time, Alone by Pale Honey

Not sure why (perhaps due to our recent trip to IKEA) — but I’ve kind of been on a “Sweden” kick as of late. Free suggestion: Sweden’s new national motto should be: “come for the meatballs — stay for the rock music.” On that note, Tuva & Nelly (along with Anders on production) get playful with their new LP outing. They’re leaning more on keys than riffs this time around, but it’s über-catchy with a delightful sheen of buzz. If you’re down with synth-rock like Ladyhawke (& don’t mind the dial clicked a couple of shades darker) - join us in the (IKEA) basement listening party.

🍿 Popcorn Break

Japan’s King of Carp Breeds Million Dollar Koi Fish (4:33)

🗣 Poll Vault

Last Issue’s Poll: If you could change the publishing schedule — how often would you prefer to receive the Mossletter?

On this we agree!

On this we agree!

The Mossletter Poll: Super Powers!

If you could have only one super-power — what would it be?

Photo by Muhd Asyraaf on Unsplash

🖋 Parting Words

Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. — Oprah Winfrey, TV Personality, Media Mogul, Entrepreneur