The Mossletter 23

Hey Friends,

I hope you’re doing well; our household is truckin’ along, and I’m taking each day as it comes.

I just want to briefly say — my heart goes out to my friends / colleagues in India. I’m a bit ashamed to admit I haven’t given much thought in the past to the stark inequities fueled by socioeconomic imbalance in India, but it’s becoming clearer to me with every passing day. Please hang in there! 🙏

📸 Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

First dose = ✅
Second dose = Stay on target 🎯

🧠 Muse From Around The Way

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Architecture

Who knew living in an actual house of dirt could be so … enchanting? 🏡

Steve Jobs — Pivot Table Aficionado?

Okay this is veering into some serious nerd-core, but if you’ve ever used a super-handy pivot table, & you’ve tossed & turned at night, wondering about its fabled origin — now you can finally rest easy. 📊

Royal Flush

This gorgeous “revolution” card deck (designed by Kearra Johnson) will serve up a history lesson as it inspires you to new heights — all while you bluff, call & play with friends & loved ones. 🃏

🎧 On Repeat

There’s a casual confidence to this album, kind of like what it sounds like when artists have nothing to prove, and yet also need to get something off their chest. Some clever turns of phrase glide over poppy hooks and tight compositions … This is the kind of album you can throw on anytime: Stacking Chairs gives me the tender feels, whereas I Don’t Care might just be my new anthem while I lounge-against-the-machine. ✊

This British memento mori is not nearly as scary (or heavy) as they sound — but they still pack a punch. There’s something a bit … sexy & primal about this album, but it’s also instantly accessible. If you dig the fuzzy / infectious riffs of The Black Keys & have a soft spot for male / female harmonies — dive into this pit of skulls. 💀

🥧 Stick It In Your Pie Hole

Looking for a fun date spot / night out in L.A.? I know, I know, no one really goes on “dates” anymore, but the Missus and I were determined — come hell or high water — to have a nice night out at some food & drink establishments with legit outdoor seating* (*this was a must). Well, I can report back that a perfect drinks + dinner combo is currently waiting for you off-the-beaten-path of DTLA. Grab a reservation at the masterfully-designed Apotheke near the L.A. River and savor the finest cocktails I’ve tasted in Los Angeles (don’t believe me? This place makes their own line of bitters …. Yup, they go HAM. 🥓)

After sippin’ pretty drinks on their lovely patio, walk less than a block down an alley and you’ll find yourself at majordomo — the brainchild of David Chang (also grab reservations here). I think it’s physically impossible to order bad things here (not that we tried). I’ll keep this brief, so I won’t go into specific drinks or meal items at either place — but I will say that both together form the perfect night out in L.A. (one we hope to do again someday). 🍸🥘

🍿 Popcorn Break

Join Finneas (Musician / Producer / Brother & Secret Sauce to one Billie Eilish) as he delves into crafting songs on a laptop (3:17)

🖋 Parting Words

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. — Mahatma Gandhi, Lawyer, Ethicist & Thought Leader